Hamdullah Kilic

Hamdullah KILIC was born in Erzurum in 1966. He obtained a B.S. degree in 1992 from the Atatürk University and a Ph.D. degree in 1999 from the Atatürk University under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Metin BALCI. After carrying out postdoctoral work with Prof. Dr. Waldemar ADAM at the University of Würzburg through late 2000, he joined the faculty of Sciences at the Ataturk University as an assistant professor of chemistry and was promoted to associate professor of chemistry in 2005, and full professor in 2010. Since then, he has been full professor of Organic Chemistry at the Atatürk University.
His research program focuses on the development of novel catalytic and stoichiometric reagents for the asymmetric construction of chiral building blocks, the use of hypervalent iodine reagents in organic synthesis. Other research interests include mechanistic investigations of epoxidation and aziridination reactions.