Abdelilah El Hallaoui

Abdellah El Hallaoui obtained a state doctorate thesis in chemistry in 1984 at  the university of Montpellier ( France ), Synthesis of amino acides enantiomerically pure. The same year, he was recruited  as an organic chemistry teacher at Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah University, Fez, Morocco, where he teachs advanced organic chemistry, asymmetric synthesis and  strategy of synthesis. In 1986, he was the founder member of Laboratory of Organic Chemistry (LCO) which he was responsible of aminoacids team. This laboratory  LCO developped new methodologies of synthesis of heterocyclic amino acids and their precursors (heterocyclic amino-aldehydes and aminoalcohols) as well as the studies  of the biological, electrochemical and  structural properties of the synthesized produits. He took part by conferences and communications  in national and international congresses and he published the results of research (+120 publications and communications)  in several international journals. He was the founder member of the first TRAMECH in 2000

On the teaching and administrative level  :